AutoBath™ Carwash Services

Automatic LaserWash


For a state-of-the-art wash without leaving the comfort of your vehicle…

  • High Pressure Undercarriage – blasts away damaging salt, sand, mud and grim from underneath your vehicle.
  • First Foaming Pre-soak Application – loosens road film.
  • Second Foaming Pre-soak Application – works together with the first pre-soak to loosen dirt  and grime.
  • High Pressure Water – removes the loosened soils and grime.
  • Triple Foam Polish – enhances your vehicle’s shine.
  • RainX – furthers the protection and shine of your vehicle’s exterior.
  • Wax – advance polymers that create a long lasting shine and protection for your finish.
  • Spot Free Purified Rinse – finishes wash process by aiding to eliminate spots and enhance shine.
  • Dryer – removes excess water.



For those who like to give their vehicle a personal touch…

  • Tire Cleaner – safely dissolves and suspends grease, dirt and grime.
  • Presoak – loosens heavy road film and contaminants.
  • High Pressure Soap – blasts away road film,dirt and grime.
  • Foam Brush – natural brush fibers gently scrub away remaining road film and dirt.
  • Rinse – rinses clean from top to bottom.
  • Triple Foam Conditioner – helps protect and makes your vehicle shine!!
  • Rinse – rinse from top to bottom.
  • Wax – adds more protection and shine.
  • Spot Free Rinse – final rinse for a spot-free vehicle.


aIMG_2113-vacuum-400Eleven powerful vacuums are conveniently located for easy access.

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