Environmentally Friendly

The International Carwash Association reports that automatic car washes:

  • Use less than half the water of even the most careful home car washer.
  • On average, 85% less water is used in our self-serve bays than in at-home washing.

At Autobath™ Carwash:

  • All of our car wash solutions are biodegradeable and safe for the environment, unlike many at-home soaps that contain chemicals that harm the environment.
  • Our water drains directly into the sanitary sewer system, where it is treated. Home car washing releases contaminated water directly into the environment and into storm drains intended for rainwater.

Hard on dirt. Easy on earth.™

BlueCoralCan car wash products that are safer on the environment still clean a vehicle well?

Absolutely! Car wash products don’t have to be harmful on the environment to effectively clean vehicles. In fact, Blue Coral Beyond Green products used at AutoBath Carwash deliver powerfully clean, well-protected, shiny vehicles. And importantly, they’re easy on the environment.

Is washing my care at a commercial car wash better on the environment?

Definitely! In commercial car washes, chemicals are filtered and sent to a water treatment center for cleaning. Conversely, a driveway car wash sends untreated waste water (including soap, oil ans sludge) directly into the environment via storm sewers that lead to our rivers, lakes and streams. And a driveway wash uses up to 3 times more water than washing at a commercial car wash!

What does it mean to be sustainable?

Products, processes or developments that are sustainable means they meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. From the factory to the final rinse, the Blue Coral® Beyond Green products used in our car wash support our commitment to respect the environment every step of the way.

Is is possible to wash vehicles using chemical-free solutions?

Never! Water is a chemical. All living things (including you) are made of chemicals. We proudly feature Blue Coral® Beyond Green products in our wash that minimize the impact on our environment.

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